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Campaign Analysis by Segment (a.k.a. Persona)
Campaign Analysis by Segment (a.k.a. Persona)

Learn how to run the Campaign Analysis by Segment report on the Motiva Platform using Personas

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If you currently use the Eloqua Insights report called "Campaign Analysis by Segment," then you may have noticed that your data isn't showing up when you use Motiva email steps.

Because Motiva uses transient campaigns to send your emails, we need to put all of your contacts, regardless of segment, into a new segment step within the transient campaign. This means you won't be able to see which segment your contacts originally came from - only the segment in the transient campaign - and it renders the Campaign Analysis by Segment report ineffective.

Which is why we replicated the report within Motiva, so you will be able to complete this analysis as long as you are emailing your contacts using Motiva steps. Follow these instructions:

  • Log into your Motiva account at

  • Click "Who's Responding" in the main navigation menu, which will open the Persona Report.

  • Setup persona cards in your Motiva Persona Report that are connected to the segments you use in Eloqua. You can follow the instructions here.

  • Next you can analyze the campaign performance by persona by navigating to "Emails" in the main navigation menu and searching for the Eloqua campaign you want to analyze on the left side. You can search by Eloqua campaign name or Eloqua campaign ID.

  • When you see your campaign in the list, click on the amplifier icon to the right of the campaign name. This will open the campaign report.

Now you will see the campaign analysis by segment report. Each email will be listed for each persona so you can see individual email performance for each of your personas. You can review the performance within Motiva or click on the "Export" button in the top right corner to open in another tool like Excel.

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