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Automated Priority for Frequency Management
Automated Priority for Frequency Management
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As part of our commitment to streamlining the marketing automation workflow, Motiva’s Frequency Management system offers automated email priority capabilities.

Priority Levels

If you have a limit for the number of emails your contacts receive in a week, then you want to make sure all contacts receive higher priority, business essential emails first. This is the value of Priority levels for Frequency Management.

For example, bottom funnel emails designed to generate leads, like white papers or webinar invites, are generally higher priority than top funnel content designed for awareness and nurturing, like newsletters.

Motiva's Frequency Management system allows you to configure, and even automate, these priority rules so all of your marketing automation specialists prioritize the right content.

You can set up as many priority levels as you want and customize labels to your use case.

Common Priority Configurations

Content Based Priority

The screenshot above uses what we call a "Content Based" priority approach where the rule labels are based on specific types of content. This setup hides the priority level, which can be useful when working with marketers who feel all of their email content is high priority.

High Low Priority

The "High Low" priority approach displays your priority levels as an ordinal list. This configuration requires teams to know which content falls in which bucket, but it can be more flexible if different teams use the same rules.

Selecting Priority Level on the Campaign Canvas

To manually select the priority level for an email on the Eloqua campaign canvas using the Frequency Management Decision Service step, the Motiva Send Time AI step or the Motiva Message Testing AI step, you simply use the dropdown in the Frequency Management Priority section.

This dropdown references your organization's priority levels. Select the level appropriate for the email and your configuration will save automatically.

Automate Priority Level Selection using Campaign Attributes

If you use Eloqua’s standard campaign fields of product, region and campaign type, then you can automate the priority level selection for every FM step.

All you need to do is associate specific attributes with a priority level, then Motiva will retrieve those campaign attributes during setup and automatically select the right priority level for you in the Frequency Management configuration.

How to Setup Priority Levels for Your Organization

Priority levels and campaign attribute mappings are only accessible through Motiva’s admin panel. This protects you from anyone accidentally changing your configuration and causing errors with your send schedule. If you want to update your system, please reach out to your customer success representative to schedule a quick call to update your settings.

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