How do I use Frequency Management rules?

Fine tune the number of emails your contacts receive

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Frequency Management (FM) allows you to limit the number of emails a contact can receive. With FM, you can setup multiple rules for your organization that manage how many emails contacts can receive over a period of time.

FM Rules are setup with the template "No more than X emails every Y days", which means an email being governed by the rule cannot be sent to a contact that already received X emails in the past Y days.

You can change the FM rules for your organization from the Configuration tab in the Frequency screen. The update dialog looks like this:

Multiple FM rules can be used to enforce different send frequencies. For example, you could setup rules for different types of emails or different segments or even different regions. You can setup your organizations FM rules anyway you choose.

After setting up FM rules for your organization, you can select an FM rule when configuring a Motiva email step. In the Frequency management settings section of the Motiva AI configuration screen, there is a simple select as seen below:

The selected FM rule will be used when determining whether or not to send the email to each contact in the campaign.

NOTE: You can also create and update your FM rules directly within the Frequency management settings section of Motiva AI optimizer configuration screen.


For example, say you’re running a Motiva optimizer step for two days, and you selected an FM rule to limit sends to one email every day.

On the first day, any of your contacts who received an email through Motiva in the past day (from a different optimizer step) will not receive the email. The number of contacts skipped will appear in the Time Windows tab, under Schedule.

On the second day, those skipped contacts will once again be eligible to receive an email through Motiva, since the one day threshold has passed. They will be scheduled with the outgoing batches that day.

Override the Frequency Management Check

You can also override the FM check for a single campaign step. All Motiva AI components have a checkbox on the configuration screen to turn on the override.

Please note: Motiva FM only applies to emails sent by Motiva AI optimizers, but you can safely replace any Eloqua email step with either Motiva Message Testing AI, Motiva Send Time AI, or Motiva Simple AI steps.

Failed Frequency Management Check

When a contact fails the FM check, because they've already been sent an email by Motiva within the configured time frame, Motiva will not send them an email at that point.

Motiva will keep trying to send the email, but it works a little differently depending if an End Date was set or not:

  1. Without an End Date - If the Motiva step does not have an end date, the FM check behaves differently depending on which type of Motiva optimizer being used:

    1. Message Testing AI and Simple - In this case, the Motiva configuration screen will display an additional option called FM Evaluation Period, which defaults to 7 days. When a contact is skipped, because it fails the FM check, Motiva will try to re-send the email to that contact for that many days.

    2. Send Time AI - will check indefinitely if a contact has available send budget until the campaign is deactivated.

  2. With an End Date - If the Motiva step does have an end date, FM will check for two weeks or until the end date, whichever is sooner.

Whenever Motiva finally gives up trying to send to a contact, that contact will be set to Error status in the Motiva AI step, and it will show up in the error count on the Eloqua canvas. Here's an example where there are four contacts in Error status:

Motiva AI components can also be configured to route contacts with errors to a target step on the canvas. Here's an example of routing contacts with errors to a shared list:

You can also use Motiva's Email Priority feature in conjunction with Frequency Management to ensure your most important emails always get sent.

If you have any questions about how to use Frequency Management in Motiva AI, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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