Be Bold!

The more differentiated your variations are from one another, the better!

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The more creative and diverse your variations are, the more Motiva and your team will learn. Too often we see marketers changing a word here or there and expecting vastly different results.

That simply won’t provide as much value as variations that differ radically and are well-aligned with the question or goal you have for your test.

The more different your variations are from one another, the more both your team and Motiva will learn about BOTH content and your customer audience.


  1. You can test out multiple variables at a time and

  2. Motiva is always going to find the best mix of messaging approaches given your audience. Motiva will automatically boost higher-performing variations and shut down losing messages.

So don’t worry about guessing “right” when you’re considering creating variations. You’ll see better results by being bold and testing out lots of different ideas.

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