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One of the most powerful features of Motiva is its ability to surface audiences from behavioral response patterns. There’s nothing you have to do here, other than navigate to the “Who Responded” tab in Motiva and select meaningful contact attributes. This report gives you a quick sense of how audiences cluster around different message variations, and can help you diagnose and refine your audience segments.

You're looking for "engagement cohorts" - sub-segments in your larger population that respond similarly to an email (or one of your email variants if you're using Motiva Message Testing). At the top of this report you'll see the top five attribute - value pairs (descending order) in the audience that has responded (opens or clicks). This can give you some quick insight into the most important attributes that this group has in common.

The next thing to do is to scan across a few important attributes to see if useful patterns emerge. Here's an example where we can see in the Company attribute that one email attracts Large enterprise and SMB personas while another email appeals to a Mid-Market persona. Awesome!

You can even take your findings around audiences into other areas of your marketing strategy, from SEO to advertising to other, offline media channels.

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