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How can I see my campaign data in Eloqua Insight?
How can I see my campaign data in Eloqua Insight?

How to create Insight reports from Motiva AI step results

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All Motiva-related campaign data is always stored in Eloqua, and is available via Insight. Eloqua requires Motiva to use "transient campaigns". Motiva transient campaigns (which represent a single Motiva step and any and all email variants associated with that step) follow this convention in Eloqua:


To produce a rollup Insight report of an entire Eloqua campaign with every Motiva and non-Motiva email in it:

  1. Navigate to Insight Email Overview and create a new overview

  2. In the filter section, select to include Campaign ID is equal to / is <eloqua-campaign-id> OR Campaign Name contains any <eloqua-campaign-id>

  3. Save and run.

This will provide all campaign email-level activity data that you'd like to collect for both Motiva and non-Motiva steps.

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