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What is the All In feature?
What is the All In feature?

When Message Testing, go "All In" to immediately send the winning email to all remaining contacts.

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When configuring a Motiva Message Testing AI component with an end date, in the Choose when this email should be sent section, there will be an option that says, "If a winning email is found, should Motiva immediately to All-In?", as seen below:

When this option is turned on, Motiva AI will go all-in as soon as a winning email is found. (A winner is declared when the confidence in a particular email option crosses the confidence threshold.) Once that winner is declared, Motiva AI will schedule all remaining contacts to receive the winning email in the next send time slot.

If Frequency Management (FM) is enabled, and a contact fails to send because of the FM check, that contact will be re-tried until the end date.

The "All In" feature is only available for Motiva Message Testing AI optimizers with an end date, and the feature is disabled by default.

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