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What is Data Health?
What is Data Health?

And how do I select Contact DB fields to show or hide by default in Motiva reporting?

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In the Data Health tab, you will see the total number of contacts processed by Motiva, along with a list of all contact attributes captured by Motiva and their Coverage % (the percentage of contacts with that attribute populated).

We find it's often useful for a designated point of contact on your team to set default behavior for Motiva contact-related reporting, such as which fields show up by default on your campaign Who Responded reports. That way, you have some more strategically important fields quickly visible on every campaign. Users can always hide or display fields on a campaign-by-campaign basis. This is just a little shortcut.

The "Selected" checkmarks indicate which contact attributes are shown by default on the Who Report.

To update the default selected contact attributes for the Who Report, click the Update Selected Contact Attributes button near the bottom.

A dialog like the following will open with a list of available contact attributes and their Coverage %. Use the Show checkbox to select the default attributes for the Who Report. Use the Hide checkbox to hide irrelevant contact attributes, so users will not see them.

Rule of thumb #1: Show 2-6 attribute fields to show by default max - otherwise it can get a little overwhelming for your team. 

Rule of thumb#2: Hide fields that have no or low data coverage as well as fields that just aren't that helpful

After making changes, click OK to save your changes or click Cancel to exit without making any changes. 

That's it! Any changes you make will automatically be reflected everywhere.

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