If you have several campaigns running simultaneously but have one that's time-sensitive, you can ensure that campaign gets processing priority in Motiva using Campaign Priority.

When used in conjunction with Frequency Management, the Campaign Priority feature can be used to ensure the most important messages are always sent.

Inside Eloqua

While configuring a Motiva Message Testing AI or Send Time AI campaign step in Eloqua, in the Optional settings section, there is a sub-section labelled Campaign Priority that will look something like the following:

The list will show any Motiva campaign steps currently in your Campaign Priority list. You can use the Add this Campaign button to add the current campaign to the list. Simply drag the list item to change its position.

And you can add any other Motiva campaign step to the list using the Add Campaign button. This will bring up a list of Motiva campaign steps. Select the one you'd like to add and click Save. You'll see that campaign step added to the list.

To add multiple campaigns, repeat the steps until all the campaigns you wish to prioritize are shown. 

To remove a campaign from the list, simply click on the red X that appears on the right side of the campaign name as seen below:

To change the order of the Campaign Priority list, simply drag each Motiva campaign step to its desired position.

Outside Eloqua

To view and update your organization's Motiva Campaign Priority list outside of Eloqua, click on the Frequency tab. In the Campaign Priority section, you will see something very similar to what's in the Inside Eloqua section above.

The main difference here is that you will need to click the Save Priority button, once your campaign steps are in the desired order.

Once you've saved your changes, your Motiva campaign steps will be processed in the order you've selected.

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