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What should I optimize: Open Rate or Clickthrough Rate?
What should I optimize: Open Rate or Clickthrough Rate?

What to choose when you're testing message variations

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Here are some simple tips when you're trying to decide what you should be optimizing for between unique open rate and unique clickthrough rate.

  • If you're ONLY testing subject lines or main subject lines and secondary subject lines, chose Open Rate.

  • If your variations are limited to what's in the message once a user opens it, choose Clickthrough Rate. That includes variations that have different layouts, graphics, CTAs, copy, colors, etc.

  • If you're testing both subject lines AND body-level variations, you should probably default to Clickthrough Rate. This often a good choice if you don't time to run multiple experiments on that campaign step.

  • Depending on what you're testing and personal preference it may make sense to actually separate out the subject line experiments from the body-level experiments. You can run one and then switch over to the other.

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