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Does Motiva do Send Time Optimization?
Does Motiva do Send Time Optimization?

Otherwise known as STO

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Yes. Motiva AI offers two different modes of send time optimization (STO).
​Basic STO is a part of every Motiva Message Testing AI step. You can configure send times as part of multivariate content testing. See the help article Use Motiva AI to optimize an existing Eloqua campaign step for more information.

Beast Mode STO goes beyond and learns the optimal send time strategy for every individual in your campaign. Motiva Send Time AI leverages past contact response activity, works regardless of timezone, and requires no user intervention. Read the help article Per Contact Send Time Optimization for more information.

Use either Motiva STO method to avoid setting up and managing complicated, parallel timezone-specific email marketing campaigns. This can save teams hundreds of hours of tedious effort per year.

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