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How to install the Motiva AI Eloqua Connector
How to install the Motiva AI Eloqua Connector

Make the Motiva AI Optmizer available on the Eloqua Canvas

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Motiva AI is a plug-in to Oracle's Eloqua marketing automation platform. To view our app listing on Oracle's Cloud Marketplace, follow this link: Motiva AI Cloud

To install our plug-in, follow the instructions below.

***IMPORTANT***  Before you install:

  • Make sure the Eloqua account being used to install Motiva AI is a member of the Customer Administrator and API Users Security Groups.

  • Log into the Motiva AI web app using your Eloqua SSO:

If you've confirmed the two requirements above, you can install the app!

Installation Steps

  • Open the Motiva AI Connector installation link: App Install Link

  • The following screen will appear:

  • Click the Accept and Install button in the top right corner.

  • The Motiva AI Connector should now be installed in your Eloqua instance.

To configure Motiva AI or see Motiva AI reporting, Eloqua users need certain permissions. Learn more about what permissions are required here. All users need to ensure their browsers accept third party cookies from the domain. In Chrome, for instance, ensure this is on by following these instructions.

And here are are couple intro articles to get your started:

  1. Use Motiva Message Testing AI to test email variations 

  2. Use Motiva Send Time AI to personalize Send Time for every contact

Don't hesitate to reach out, if you have any questions.

NOTE: If your organization uses Eloqua's IP whitelisting, you may see various error messages during installation or when trying to use Motiva. To resolve this, be sure to add our IP to your whitelist: 

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