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How do I find new audiences?
How do I find new audiences?
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Once you have some data generated from Motiva Message Testing AI, navigate over to the Who Responded tab. From there, you can select contact attributes (from your Eloqua contacts) that you’d like to see projected against campaign response data across your message variations. 

This gives a quick sense of who responded to which variation, and whether there are potentially interesting clusters of audience members by attribute.

Ask your team: 

  • Is this expected given who we think our customer are? What’s different? 

  • Should we be running different messages for different kinds of customers?  

  • Should we redefine our audience? 

  • What can we feed our creative / content team to improve audience resonance and response? 

  • How do we use new audience understanding to drive other targeting and communications strategies? 

You’ll be a hero.

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