In a previous article, we replaced an Email in an existing Eloqua campaign with Motiva Message Testing AI. That campaign has an Eloqua Opened Email? decision service that also needs to be replaced.

On the Eloqua canvas, delete (or at least detach incoming contacts from) the existing Opened Email? component and replace it with a Motiva AI Opened Email? component by dragging it on the canvas and reconnecting it, as seen below:

Double-click the Motiva AI Opened Email? component to open its configuration dialog. In that dialog, click the “pencil button” to open the configuration screen, as seen below:

In our example, there is only one Motiva Message Testing AI on the canvas, so it will be automatically selected. Simply close the configuration screen and return to the canvas. (NOTE: You cannot skip this step. You must open the configuration screen at least once.)

Now, that the Motiva Message Testing AI and the Motiva AI Opened Email? component are configured, activate your Eloqua campaign as usual.

When contacts flow into the Motiva Message Testing AI, they will be processed by Motiva AI and emails will be sent as configured above.

Good Hunting!

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