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Custom Brand Voices for Generator™
Custom Brand Voices for Generator™
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Motiva Generator™ helps you take advantage of enterprise grade Large Language Models with strict security and privacy policies so you can quickly generate email content and Message Testing versions without sacrificing copyright.

Custom Brand Voices takes Generator™ to the next level by using your brand guidelines to keep messaging on brand for your company as a whole, specific product lines, or specific representatives at your company. Even if you don't have brand guidelines, we can help you automatically generate guidelines based on your existing marketing copy. Here's how it works.

In the Motiva platform, click the "Generator" tab in the main menu and the "Brand Voices" tab in the submenu.

Scroll down to the bottom of the list and click the "Add Brand Voice" button.

A configuration window will appear. Give your brand voice a name so you can find it in the list of brand voices in Generator™. Get started by providing up to five (5) input URLs, like websites, brand docs, etc, and press the "Create Brand Voice" button below.

This will automatically generate guidelines for you. Click "Create Brand Voice" to save it. You'll see that each custom brand voice in the list has a "Show Description" option under the name. Click this option to see your automatically generated brand guidelines. Read through it and see what you think. Feel free to revise and edit the guidelines generated to better align messaging with your brand.

After making any changes, remember to click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of screen. Any custom brand voices you generate will be added to the brand voice dropdown on the right side of Generator™ under Content Options.

Combine with Message Testing

Develop multiple versions of your brand voice by tweaking the categories listed in the brand guidelines. Make your brand more friendly, witty, empathetic, sarcastic, etc. Save each version of your brand voice and use them to make new email versions. Use Motiva's Message Testing feature to test which brand voice works the best for specific audiences.

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