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Use Motiva AI's Smart Suppress Eloqua Decision Service

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Motiva AI's Dark Pool system provides Smart Suppress -- the ability to automatically suppress contacts in realtime while an Eloqua campaign is running. We implemented this feature using Dark Pool scores (for each contact analyzed by Motiva AI) along with an Eloqua Decision Service that can be placed on the campaign or program canvas.

Dark Pool Scoring

The heart of the Smart Suppress feature is the Dark Pool scoring. As part of Dark Pool, Motiva AI scores every contact analyzed. You might have seen the Contact Breakdown section of your Dark Pool dashboard, like the following screenshot:

The colorful bar and the table of scores & counts represent the scores for all the contacts analyzed by Motiva AI. You can download and inspect these contacts and their scores directly from the Motiva UI.

Dark Pool Smart Suppress Decision Service

Motiva AI Smart Suppress is implemented as an Eloqua Decision Service. A basic Eloqua campaign without Smart Suppress might look something like the following:

There is just a segment feeding into an email. To use Smart Suppress, drag the Motiva AI Smart Suppress decision service from the toolbar on the left onto the canvas. Connect the Smart Suppress component between the segment and the email as seen below:

The Yes path (green) of the Smart Suppress component is for contacts that will receive the email, and the No path (red) is for contacts that will be suppressed. There is also a shared list to collect any contacts that will be suppressed.

At this point, you also need to configure the Smart Suppress component, so double-click it to open the decision service popup and then click on the pencil button to open the Smart Suppress config screen, which looks as follows:

Here is where you select the Dark Pool scores that you want to suppress -- meaning the contacts with the selected scores will pass down the No branch of this decision service.

The default is to suppress the scores: Remove and Stop sending and shift to a different channel. If those settings are okay, just close the window. (You must open it once.) Or you can check/uncheck any checkbox to decide which contact scores you want to suppress.

That's it! You can now run the campaign with Motiva AI Smart Suppress and skip contacts that you probably shouldn't be emailing anyway.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out:

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