The subject line is often one of the first impressions you'll make on your prospect. Some companies like to have a little fun with them, others take a more serious approach. And still others just go full-on spam. How will yours be perceived?

Our Subject Line Analyzer can give you insights into how a prospect (and their email service provider) might react. Not sure about an SL? Run it though the analyzer first to make sure you're setting the desired tone.

Let's run through the Subject Line Analyzer's capabilities:

After entering your proposed subject line and pressing the Analyze button, we'll offer insights into its Clarity, Spelling, whether or not it might be perceived as Spam, how engaging the content is, and how concise your SL is.

Want more help? Just press the Generate Variations button, and we'll create new versions based on your SL.

As you add more SLs through the analyzer, the analysis will be added during your session. So you'll be able to compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of your ideas. If you click away and come back, you'll have a blank slate to start with (so if one of your SLs is a real stinker, no one will know.... as long as you don't use it in a campaign).

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