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Persona Reports
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If you're looking to gather insights on what kind of messaging resonates with different sections of your audience, then Persona Reports are a great research tool.

You can get to your Persona reports by clicking on the Who's Responding tab near the top of the Motiva app. Once you're there, you can start creating the Personas on which you'd like to gather insights.

Click on the Define a Persona button in the top left corner, and a pop-up window will appear that gives you the choice of using an existing Eloqua segment, or creating a new customized Persona from a list of contact attributes.

In the example below, the user has created four separate personas based on Industries. You can compare engagement metrics across your various personas simultaneously, and determine which Industries (or any other Eloqua segment or contact attribute) you'd like to target for improvement.

Below the overview, you'll see a list of emails that have been sent to that Persona group, and what their respective engagement rates were. In this example, only emails that have been sent to at least 50% of the contacts in the Education persona are shown. You can adjust this threshold using the dropdown.

If you're not sure which contact attributes you'd like to target, take a look at the Who's Responding tab to get an overview of attributes and engagement. We'll take a look at those reports next.

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