Engagement Funnel Report

Monitor the overall health of your email marketing campaigns and compare it to previous months

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One of the first reports you'll see when logging into the Motiva AI app is the Engagement Funnel.

The Engagement Funnel report gives you a quick overview of the current health of your marketing campaigns. You can also compare engagement to previous months to see if it's improving, or if maybe you need to put together some multivariate Message Tests to find messaging that resonates with your audience.

You'll see what portion of your overall audience is showing No Engagement, as well as how many are Aware, Considering, and Engaged.

Here's a breakdown of the different funnel stages and their meaning:

No Engagement:

These contacts were sent at least one email during the selected timeframe, but did not engage with the message.


These are the contacts who opened at least one email during the selected timeframe, but overall Open and Clickthrough rates were below the median.


These contacts had higher open rates than the median, but lower clickthrough rates.


These contacts had the highest clickthrough rates in your audience.

You can select individual months for comparison, as well as use the Filter button to check on the performance of specific emails.

Over time, you should see your engagement numbers improve, especially if you regularly test out new messaging using the multivariate Message Testing, keep an eye on your Frequency Management so you're not overwhelming your audience, and use Send Time AI to ensure your winning messages arrive when your contact is most likely to engage.

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