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Outside of Eloqua, you have access to the Motiva platform.

Our platform provides advanced reporting for your audience and emails.

  1. Engagement Funnel: a month-to-month comparison of your overall audience engagement on Eloqua as well as Motiva emails.

  2. Frequency Report: determine the best email send frequency based on engagement rates as well as unsubscribe rates for all Eloqua and Motiva emails. You can also set your automated frequency management rules here.

  3. Persona Report: track the email engagement for groups of contacts within your overall audience to identify opportunities for targeting certain contacts. Includes tracking on all Eloqua as well as Motiva emails.

  4. Who Responded Report: discover new segmentation opportunities by analyzing email performance on specific groups of contacts based on your available Eloqua contact features.

  5. Send Time Report: determine the best send times for your audience based on engagement rates on all Eloqua and Motiva emails. Also identify new opportunities for experimenting with send time.

  6. Subject Line Analyzer: analyze your subject lines for spam, spelling, readability, tone, clarity, concision, and engagement. Useful when developing versions for message testing.

  7. Email Reports: Each email you send using Motiva comes with its own report that offers deep insights on send time, segmentation, and message test performance.

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