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Motiva AI provides three email optimizers you can use on Eloqua's multi-step campaign canvas:

  1. Motiva Message Testing AI finds the best message variations.

  2. Motiva Send Time AI finds the best send times.

  3. Motiva AI Simple Email sends a single email without breaking Frequency Management.

After installing the Motiva AI Eloqua Connector app, the Motiva AI components will be available in the list of items on the left side of the Eloqua canvas, as seen in the image below. If you don't see the steps, you may need to click the triangle next to "Campaign Steps" to see an expanded view of all the steps available. Click the star icon next to each Motiva step so it appears in your condensed, favorited view.

Action Services

The three purple action services at the bottom are the AI components. They can be used in place of Eloqua's built-in Email component.

(1) Motiva Message Testing AI works similarly to Eloqua's Email component, except that you’ll select several email variations instead of just one.

When the Eloqua campaign is activated, Motiva will learn which variations perform best and adapt on-the-fly to send more of those messages to your contacts.

(2) Motiva Send Time AI also works similarly to Eloqua's Email component, except that it learns the best send time for each of your contacts and adapts to send the selected email at the best time for each contact.

(3) Motiva AI Simple Email can be used to send a single email to an entire population without breaking the Frequency Management rule. The email will be sent to all contacts as soon as possible.

Decision Services

The orange Motiva AI Sent / Opened / Clicked Email? components are Decision Services. They are used in conjunction with Motiva Message Testing AI and in place of Eloqua's built-in Sent / Opened / Clicked Email? components. Read more here.

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