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Motiva AI is a plug-in to Oracle's Eloqua marketing automation platform. To view our app listing on Oracle's Cloud Marketplace, follow this link: Motiva AI Cloud

To install our plug-in, follow the instructions below.
โ€‹***IMPORTANT*** Before you install:

  • Make sure the Eloqua account being used to install Motiva AI is a member of the Customer Administrator and API Users Security Groups.

  • Log into the Motiva AI web app using your Eloqua SSO:

If you've confirmed the two requirements above, you can install the app!

Installation Steps

Installing Motiva into your Eloqua Instance takes less than 5 minutes and you only need to do it once for everyone in your Eloqua instance to use Motiva.

  • Open the Motiva AI Connector installation link: App Install Link

  • The following screen will appear:

  • Click the Accept and Install button in the top right corner.

  • The Motiva AI Connector should now be installed in your Eloqua instance.

Adding New Motiva Users

After the Motiva has been successfully installed, you are ready to start using Motiva AI. Your license includes an unlimited number of users. When you want to add someone to Motiva, have them use the following steps:

  1. Click the red button labeled "Login with Eloqua"

  2. Follow the Eloqua prompts to login, sign in and accept

  3. You should see the Motiva platform home page with Engagement Funnel

A new Motiva account is automatically generated for the user.

User Permissions

All users need to ensure their browsers accept third party cookies from the domain. In Chrome, for instance, ensure this is on by following these instructions.

To simply see Motiva AI reporting, you must have an active Eloqua user account and be a member of any Eloqua Security Group that has the Consume API action permissions. No separate Motiva AI account is needed.

To configure and actively deploy Motiva AI inside Eloqua campaigns, an Eloqua user must have the following three capabilities:

  1. Be part of the API Users Security Group (or have the Consume API action permission granted another way).

  2. Have the ability to create both Campaigns and Segments.

  3. Have the ability to activate Campaigns.

There are many ways to grant these capabilities to users. Your Eloqua administrator should be able to help.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Motiva AI directly.

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