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How to Update a Campaign in Progress
How to Update a Campaign in Progress

Need to make changes to a campaign after activation? Here's how you can add steps, replace steps, and update steps after campaign activation

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If you find yourself needing to make changes to the campaign canvas configuration after it's been activated, here are the steps you should follow depending on what you need to update.


Adding Motiva steps to an activated campaign is easy if you follow these tips and instructions.

Use Wait Steps

Design campaigns in a way that allows you to add Motiva steps in the future by including an Eloqua Wait Step before whatever planned Motiva step will come next.

Wait Step Duration

Configure the duration of the Wait Step to provide enough time for you to gather the necessary content for the next planned Motiva step.

  1. Connect a segment to your first Motiva Optimizer Step

  2. Configure the Motiva Step and connect it to an Eloqua Wait Step

  3. Configure the Wait Step to a suitable duration

  4. When you're ready to add a new Motiva step, deactivate the campaign.

  5. Add the new Motiva Step, connect it to the Wait Step and configure the Motiva Step

  6. Reactivate the campaign


Replacing Motiva steps in an activated Eloqua campaign is a little more complex, but these instructions will ensure transient campaigns are also updated.

Unprocessed Contacts

Replacing a Motiva step only makes sense if there are contacts from a segment which have not yet passed through the Motiva step.

Don't Delete, Just Cancel

Don't delete the original Motiva step you are replacing. Just make sure to cancel the step once it has been replaced.

  1. Deactivate the campaign

  2. Delete the connector(s) leading to the original Motiva step.

  3. Add another Motiva step and configure your updated settings.

  4. Connect the segment, or previous step, to the new Motiva step.

  5. Migrate the contacts to the new step: Click the blue number on the old step and a window containing all the unprocessed contacts will appear.

  6. Select "All Contacts" in the upper right corner of the window

  7. Click "Move" button on the bottom of the window and select the new Motiva step. This will move all unprocessed contacts to the new step.

  8. Do not delete the old step. Instead, go to the configuration window and click the "View Results" link at the top of the window. This will take you to the campaign report.

  9. Select "Cancel" in the upper right corner.

  10. The old Motiva step and the new Motiva step will appear under the Eloqua campaign ID.

  11. Reactivate the campaign in the canvas.


A Motiva step activates when the contacts hit the step, not when the campaign canvas is initially activated.

If the campaign has been activated and the contacts are already in the Motiva step you wish to update, then you will need to follow the procedure for replacing a Motiva step in an active campaign, shown above.

If the campaign canvas has been activated, but the contacts have not hit the Motiva step you wish to update, simply deactivate the campaign, and reconfigure the Motiva step with the desired changes.

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