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Bounceback Report Export Guide
Bounceback Report Export Guide

How to Export the "Email Bounceback History with Messages" Report from Eloqua Insight

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Before proceeding

  1. If your organization uses Contact Level Security, ensure your user has permission to view all Contacts. If not, work with a user that has visibility across the entire database.

  2. The User will need to have Insight Analyzer permission access. See these Eloqua Help Center documents for more details:

  3. For privacy reasons, please, do not send reports that include your prospect/customer email addresses to Motiva AI. See below for further instructions on how to best format your exports.


  1. Launch Insight. In the top menu bar of Eloqua, hover over the report icon and select Insight from the dropdown.

  2. Navigate to Email. Once inside Insight, in the Report Catalog section, select Email.

  3. Click "Edit" on the Email Bounceback History with Messages report.

  4. In the report editor, drag "Eloqua Contact ID" into the Contact column in the "Selected Columns" area.

  5. Then, remove "Email Address".

  6. Under "Filters" delete Time Span. Also, change Bounceback Date to "is between" and enter your respective dates. Note: you may need to break up these reports into two-week increments due to Insight file size limitations.

  7. Click on the "Results" tab and wait for the report to run.

  8. Export the report in Excel format.
    Note: please avoid protecting these documents if you can.

  9. Upload exported files within the Dark Pool interface (found within the “*Enhance your Analysis with Bounceback data.” section)

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