Unresponsive Contacts

Unresponsive Contacts are part of your Dark Pool. When treated, email performance improves immediately, while reducing deliverability risk

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Unresponsive Contacts are a population of Contacts that have been sent emails but have NOT opened, nor clicked an email, nor bounced, nor visited the web site and have not submitted a form. These Contacts are completely unresponsive and are part of your Dark Pool.

Continuing to send emails to Unresponsive Contacts can increase your risk of non-compliance, cause deliverability issues, degrade your sender reputation and reduce overall performance.

A Motiva Data Scientist will review your Marketing Automation send history and consult with you to recommend a three-month analysis period. In addition, an email send threshold will be identified to ensure that only appropriate Contacts are analyzed.


Once your Unresponsive Contacts are identified, they can be treated. A typical treatment plan involves excluding these Contacts from future email sends. Once excluded, your email performance metrics will improve immediately, while also reducing wasteful email sends. In addition, removing Unresponsive Contacts from your database can help you reduce licensing fees or make room for revenue generating Contacts.

An additional strategy to re-engage Unresponsive Contacts through non-email channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, SMS, call campaigns, etc., may be employed. To learn more, consult a Dark Pool expert by emailing info@motiva.ai.

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