Motiva AI is a plug-in to Oracle's Eloqua marketing automation platform. To view our app listing on Oracle's Cloud Marketplace, follow this link: Motiva AI Cloud

To install our plug-in, following the instructions below.

***IMPORTANT***  Before you install:

  • Make sure the Eloqua account being used to install Motiva AI is a member of the Customer Administrator and API Users Security Groups.
  • Be logged in to the Motiva AI web app using your Eloqua SSO:

If you've confirmed the two requirements above, you can install the app!

Installation Steps:

  • Open the Motiva AI Connector installation link: App Install Link
  • The following screen will appear:
  • Click the Accept and Install button in the top right corner.
  • The Motiva AI Connector should now be installed and available to any Eloqua users in the API Users Security Group in your Eloqua admin console.
  • View instructions for running your first Motiva AI optimized campaign.
  • Fun and profit!
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